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Material Computation

2011  Oxman, N. (Bob Sheil, Ed.), Making and Prototyping Architecture,AD Reader

'Neri Oxman is from an entirely new breed of architectural researcher, and is a rare individual looking at the profound implications of a wide spectrum of advanced process and material technologies. Her work investigates some of the most pioneering and far-reaching questions on what new openings technological evolution presents the designer. Her work is becoming extensively read and followed worldwide and in her words from elsewhere, ‘It’s been a long awaited dream of mine to see fabrication enter the very first stages of the design process. Fabrication is slowly shifting from a state of being simply a production protocol, a service station for the designer to gather knowledge, and moving to a point where it can have generative significance.’ In: “Manufacturing the Bespoke” by Bob Sheil (Ed.) Link to book

Mediated Matter