Michael Stern

Michael Stern

Technical Staff

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Technical Staff
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Michael Stern is technical staff in the The Mediated Matter Group. He graduated from MIT with his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering.  Michael is a mechanical engineer, glass blower and additive manufacturing researcher. During his graduate studies Michael had the opportunity to unite these three interests, helping form the team in developing the platform for Glass, the world’s first molten glass 3D printer.

For the past seven years, Michael worked at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory as a rapid prototyping engineer. His projects included development of a radar calibration device, wide-area surveillance sensor, and unmanned air vehicles. Michael completed his Master’s degree during his tenure with Lincoln Laboratory and with their support.  His studies included exploring design processes tailored for additive manufacturing, focusing on topology optimization as an effective means of creating complex, high performing designs that could efficiently be printed.

In parallel to his engineering pursuits, Michael’s interest in glassblowing began in 2006 as an undergraduate at MIT. Gaining technical skill over the years, he progressed from the role of student to that of instructor and now teaches intermediate classes while continuing to push himself to master his art form. He is fascinated by the kinesthetic elements of the glassblowing process and the complex discipline required. The fusion of Michael’s three main interests mechanical engineering, additive manufacturing and glassblowing feed off each other propelling him forward.


2018   High-Fidelity Additive Manufacturing of Transparent Glass Structures 
2015   Additive Manufacturing of Optically Transparent Glass