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Programming Matter

2012  Oxman, N., Architectural Design, Special Issue: Material Computation: Higher Integration in Mophogenetic Design, Volume 82, Issue 2, Pp. 88-95, March/April


A direct parallel can be made between the Modernist separation of form, structure and material and the more recent tripartite division in digital processes of modelling, analysis and fabrication, which has resulted in the predominance of geometric-driven form-generation. Today, though, design culture is experiencing a shift to a new level of material awareness. Inspired by nature's strategies where form-generation is driven by maximal performance with minimal resources through local material property variation, Neri Oxman investigates a novel design approach to digital fabrication that offers the potential to program physical matter. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Link to online journal.

Mediated Matter