Papers in Refereed Journals

Recursive Symmetries for Geometrically Complex and Materially Heterogeneous Additive Manufacturing

2016  Bader, C., and Oxman, N., Computer-Aided Design, Volume 81, Pp. 39-47


We present a generative method for the creation of geometrically complex and materially heterogeneous objects. By combining generative design and additive manufacturing, we demonstrate a unique form-finding approach and method for multi-material 3D printing. The method offers a fast, automated and controllable way to explore an expressive set of symmetrical, complex and colored objects, which makes it a useful tool for design exploration and prototyping. We describe a recursive grammar for the generation of solid boundary surface models suitable for a variety of design domains. We demonstrate the generation and digital fabrication of watertight 2-manifold polygonal meshes, with feature-aligned topology that can be produced on a wide variety of 3D printers, as well as post-processed with traditional 3D modeling tools. To date, objects with intricate spatial patterns and complex heterogeneous material compositions generated by this method can only be produced through 3D printing.

Mediated Matter