Rachel Smith

Rachel Soo Hoo Smith

PhD Student


Research Assistant
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Rachel Smith is a research assistant in the Mediated Matter research group. As a Doctoral student, her research focuses on formulating interactions between biological organisms and materials. She works in close collaboration with the advanced multimaterial fabrication capabilities of the team to find and mediate these living relationships, such that elegant, new cooperations can be derived from natural or synthetically engineered processes.

Rachel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in bioelectricity from University of Virginia. She headed the startup PhageFlag in the development of a low-cost medical diagnostic using recombinant bacteriophage, and has worked both in hospital and industry to further progressive technological and human-centered designs.


2018   Viva in Silico: A position-based dynamics model for microcolony morphology simulation 


Vespers: Series III