Zijay Tang

Tzu-Chieh (Zijay) Tang

PhD Candidate


Research Assistant


Tzu-Chieh (Zijay) is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT, where he works as a research assistant in both the Mediated Matter research group at MIT Media Lab and the Synthetic Biology research group at Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE). With a strong interest in nature, Zijay graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Life Science from National Taiwan University.
Upon completing his military service in the R.O.C. Air Force, Zijay worked as a research assistant studying yeast prion biology at Academia Sinica, Taiwan. He then discovered his interests in biologically inspired engineering and earned his Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Masdar Institute, Abu Dhabi, where he researched the hydrophobicity of biomolecules and biosystems using atomic force microscopy (AFM). He is currently working on combing synthetic biology and materials design into the developing of living functional and structural materials.